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Is 2020 getting you down?

Posted on September 9, 2020 at 1:24 PM Comments comments (114)
Well well well! Here we are in September!

I apologize for the long wait for any of my blogs. I myself have been in the WTF is going on! Its not been 9 months into 2020 and seriously what a shit show it has been. 

I try my best to keep a positive spin on whats going on here in the United states. Now I understand every one has their opinion on politics and this Corona Virus they are calling a pandemic. I myself was scared in the very start of it all. After all our President had shut the airlines down, closed up America and here we are still trying our best to keep our sanity.
I have several theories on all of that is happening! In my opinion this is mostly a political act.  I have read, heard,and honestly this pisses me off to no end. 
The MASK UP is total bullshit! Lets agree to disagree on that. I understand the theory of using the Mask! Yes it may slow the spread! Yet here's the thing my readers.. all the masks we have been wearing, the blue ones, clothed ones with designs, some are wearing ones that painters use and even some are trying the face shields. Which by the way are all okay.. but I look around and they are all being misused.
Now here's the kicker if dust, paint, or any thing else can get through so can even this virus or any virus. The only way for not to get "sick" is to basically stay inside a bubble. We are told that wearing a mask and try to stay six feet apart will prevent us from getting this virus.  
That's honestly the silliest thing about this!
 If any one of you are a doctor, nurse, a health professional and or any of "being around people" you'd be smart enough to understand this is not the way virus, or any of this works. Most of you are to damn scared to say this is enough or your being paid to shut your mouth, the big Pharma or being fired.
Our government has us brain washed! Pure and simple brain washed!! 
I know I know some of you may hate me for being honest or try saying I am against the government. I can assure you I am not! I looked into all of this research! This virus is happening yes BUT.. so is all the other viruses. 

You are more likely to die from the Flu, H1N1, a common cold, pneumonia, any upper respiratory infection, and the list is forever long. 

Think for a moment who in the hell thought of doing drive thru testing? That's the most stupidest thing I have ever heard of. For one how do you know if the person before you didn't have something? The test sites are outside, this virus is supposedly airborne, the person in front of you is being tested, the tester reaches in a sticks this wet nasty swab thing up your nose and then takes it to"processes" it. Then on to you (have fun with this..) didn't change gloves or mask, and even if they did, lets say the person in front of you coughed or sneezed on them, now its on the tester going on to you! GROSS!
In the beginning of all this in March, we heard people being put on respirators, yet those did not work, then we hear now we quarantine ourselves for 15 days.  Colds and or flu can last that long. BTW! We hear it affects mostly elderly or excuse my words the black communities, then our governor sticks the sick into our nursing homes. Come on how stupid is this. She allows strip clubs open, bars, smoke shacks, all of the big stores open, for every one to come in from the streets, ( no masks required in the beginning )now months later it's required. BIG LAUGH! So then restaurants are open, wear a face mask in until being seated.
WOW, what kind of shit is this. She allows most business to open " safely" and wear a mask. Most business that open are not able to be six feet apart but I am not complaining at all. None of this makes any sense either way! We are stuck in a rut, our summer gone! No Fairs open, concerts, or any fun activities we all love here in Michigan. We are shut in for winters unless your a snow person. I do not know what any of our Political people are thinking but  they are treating us as Americans as a bunch of people to be basically under their control. We are FREE! right?? Masks and being six feet apart for Americans, we do not deserve this treatment. 

What we deserve is to be happy, responsible for our selves and our children. We deserve to be able to go into places with out fear of getting sick, or being told to wear a mask and stay away from each other. 
The fact is we as humans need assurance, smiles, touch, communication, our health, mental health, we need to be able to express our needs, our desires, our freedoms, our rights, if you want someone to talk to or even express our feelings, have the right to enter places to shop, workout, eat, get massages, get tattoo's, go to clubs, concerts, casinos, gyms, play outside with our family, all the things we strive for! 

We has humans should be able to decide what's healthy or not. We all can decide for ourselves to look things up to be safe. This Virus should not have gone to this point for our government to decide for us what we should do. We have been through enough shit storms on our own. 
Every person and or family have had something happen. This should not be this hard. 

Thank you for reading! Leave your comments but do not get all riled up! Its my blog, you don't like it don't read it. 

My personal journey to yours.

Posted on March 8, 2018 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (163)
My own personal journey of trying everything for multiple pain, inflammation, and just hell on wheels health issues.

I have been through some stupid crazy and for me ridiculous bullshit pain that seems to be a never ending daily issue.
I am a Massage Therapist and deal with so many client issues, have solved many problems and even some claim I have helped most things to go away.
 I myself recently went to a Chiropractor for 12 sessions of adjustments and used one of their "Medical Massage Therapist" twice . The adjustments where fair, all my pain is still there, and was far worse than ever after using a so called Medical Massage Therapists claiming to be " Medical" when in fact they have not even made it past the first step in clinical therapy. They are mindlessly using techniques that should work for pain but have no clue on actual striations of a muscle fiber to utilize the pressure points or the muscle itself, they push in the wrong direction. In Massage 101 where I was Taught you go with the grain of a muscle ( its like cutting up a steak you go with not against for a tender piece) very simple.. then  I found when they do a simple long smooth movements they go against the circulatory system which causes many issues especially for those whom have circulation issues. They ( note I am also referring to having previously tried 10  other massage therapist in the past 10 yrs and one out of ten I have seen a few times.) Some of them are good as far as a Swedish/soft version of a massage and the one I went back to really put me through the mill. I have found and I am not the only one who had said this " chiropractor's generally use Medical Massage Therapist only for insurance purposes, and hire those whom only had a 6 month course and can't make it on their own"  I am not underestimating or putting any one down because it's just how it is. Then you have the " high over rated spa" They tend to just go through the basics of a Swedish massage and are most likely going to oil you up with oils made to be used for pain relief.  Great stuff but only if you want to use it everyday. So for me this would never work.  ( I need a clone)

I have been seeing them straight off and on now for 7 years since my lovely stay at the Spectrum Hospital on life support for a month and 13 days. Exactly during flu season February and March to be exact. For guess what?  The Swine Flu.  H1N1 is the technical term.I will never ever get a flu shot again! It's a long story on that.
My issue is I have what seems like pain that persists all over my body, causing inflammation in my neck, all through out my back, hips and my left side usually is completely numb or tingling. I have this every day. You would never know it because I hide it very well. Doctors said Fibromyalgia , then it was arthritis, then something else and they tried putting me on medication. I won't take it. Why? First of all they did not do an actual test or X-ray. Nor any thing. Then I also had a bleeding ulcer, so it caused plenty of issues, I could go on about my medical issues and you would think" how is she still alive or doing massages" 

Here is my point.  

Although I have many issues, I have my own bag of tricks. Every morning I take what seems a lot of vitamins and herbal pills. I do! why? I found a multiple vitamin or what ever does not give what one person needs for certain issues. Then I make sure to take a pre workout supplement and even if it hurts  I get on the treadmill every morning for a 1/2 hour usually about a mile and a half. Then I work on different body parts for muscle strength and push out the painful stress that may be the real reason you are in pain. If you find it to be more painful then do a little less but never stop trying. After  exercises blend up a Vegan protein powder with organic milk and organic juices ( not frozen fruits this causes water weight) Try to toss in raw Ginger and Tumeric this helps with circulation, pain, and many other ailment.   The worse thing you can do is lay around and sleep on it unless you have the flu. You may go through trial and not so fun things to find your niche . 
Massages is the number one problem solver for over all health. Just try finding that one person that can help and pay attention to what your issues are. Use different herbal things to find your pain solution. Lose weight if you have excess pounds, you will find by movements  of even simple walking can empower you and decrease pain and of course stress.  

Feel free to email me at [email protected] 
Read my full fun website and make an appointment. 

Make your health and wellness a great journey.


Off on a banter. oops

Posted on July 31, 2017 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (23)
I have been a massage therapist for almost 14 years. I have encountered so many different people not only in my office but even out in public or some call on the phone and ask ridiculous questions.

Remember in School, College or even while talking to professionals in person? The always say just ask a question there are no dumb questions or some say the only dumb one is the one you don't ask? Well gosh! In my professional life, and some times personal I have had to answer some ridiculous questions. For instance just the other day this guy ( older ) called me not just once but a total of 5 x before I blocked him. I answered the first time saying "hello this is Curtisy Massage Therapy how can I help you? Caller says, Do you do Massages? ( I answered with my business name correct?) So I politely said "yes I do" Then this person asks " do you have any oriental girls?" I kinda gasped in a laughing manor. I responded saying " no " he hangs up! Then again 2 hrs later same guy, same number , same exact questions, and my statement this time was " sir you already called me" he hangs up! 2 hrs again same scenario, 4th time 2 hrs later, I answered by saying no sir I do not have orientals please stop calling, he hangs up, 5th time I just answered saying stop calling this number! My thought was " why does he keep calling and asking the same thing?" I believe that this person has Alzheimer's, or some thing of the sort. I don't like passing judgement, so I do kind of excuse the age of the male and I do slightly excuse the gender because unfortunately  some are uneducated on my role of professionalism being a massage therapist, some think they can get away with degrading women in several fields, by degrading I mean making sexual advances or saying stupid shit such as " do you do happy endings" my response is " I am always happy when the session ends, or I end up leaving the idiots hanging. I do a pelvic massage in which is extremely professional. I expect to be treated as a professional. If you want a "happy ending" go to the oriental places, or I am sure you can find a "hooker' in need of money. Speaking of MONEY, I have had men say I am expensive because of the pelvic.. well sir if you want just some female affection in your "" area then I suggest ask your wife or girlfriend, boyfriend, if that's your gig.  I am not here to give you affection or that lovey dovey stuff. I am however a very nice person and will give the best massage of your life. I do care about my clients, esp my regulars, I do understand many many issues regarding health stuff, or just the curiosity. I would rather work on a person whom is just curios and honest about it, rather than dreaming up some type of issue. Even tho everyone has some sort of anxiety, depression, soreness, lost hope, home issues, work problems, and this list can go on forever. My main goal is to help those whom are struggling and are trying to resolve health issues. The pelvic massage along with any other massage is the absolute best possible way of healing. You do not have to do the pelvic, but if so it does have to go with another one.. never alone because every body is different, no one reacts the same, some may have it resolved in a few minutes some take a bit longer. Some come in once a month others once a week, I have had people in 2x a week. Bottom line is YOU MUST BE RESPECTABLE, CLEAN, AND READ THE WEBSITE.  

Seems I have went off on a banter, but hey whatever. 

A few stories about the nonsense I get for Pelvic

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 4:39 PM Comments comments (5)
Hello, every one! I am so sorry I have not been posting a new Blog :( 

I have had some quite interesting and yet very annoying discoveries on the Pelvic Area Massage . I seem to be at my wits end with the constant " child like" behaviors from men! 
As I have stated I believe back in 2014 or ? I did state all people should be getting the pelvic massage. I will re cant my last statements on this issue. See I have discovered that some are something of a bit un professional and or are only looking for the "sex" type worker, which I am far far from it. Recently I have had men text some of the most disgusting requests or saying things they should only keep to themselves. 
For instance: One male text saying right off the bat.. Can I get a Pelvic Massage? Some of you may think normal question, but.. if you read my website it states throughout the entire site Pelvic Massage has to be with another massage such as Swedish. So my reply is " please read the website" they said " I did read it" I reply back and said " then you would know you have to get another massage with it." next reply is " what massage and how much" I then know they did not read anything.  I did say the price of a Swedish with pelvic for one hour is $130 and so on. Their reply is of many,  that's too expensive, I only have x amount, can we trade, so on and so forth. I try not to be rude or demanding but its stated again in my website the rules are if you cant afford it save for it and don't try undermining and so on. 
Why people still challenge me? Who knows ? I think its mostly those whom are use to getting their own way, a collage person, or some one whom want every thing handed to them or possibly they can't seem to get a job that can afford it. 
I am not a therapist for luxury nor entertainment which is fine but pay for it. However I am a therapist for pain management, relief, and actual body work. You don't go to your  doctors and say I can only pay for 1/2 of the surgery, or to a hairstylist saying I can only pay $5 for a haircut you'd have a 1/4 of your head shaved. If say for entertainment purposes,    your bar tab is $100 but oh damn you have $20 than bar keep isn't going to let you out of it unless you are there all the time. My readers you get the point. 
Back to the Pelvic stuff: The money discussion ends quickly. 
New text: I'm interested in a massage, I say ok which one? Instead of saying they go on about how their sex drive is over the top, as a professional I ask whats the symptoms, how long have you had this issue, ( same shit I ask with all people) he says I'm 25, I say did you consult your doctor? They say yes but they aren't doing any thing! My reply is "well make an appointment and we can see what the issue is. " The next day same person texted and said " I need this taken care of now" ( he didn't make an appointment  the text went dead) I stated " I can't help if you don't come in" This genius decides to say " I want you to just look at the picture" and before I said no.. he sends me a """" picture full body. First of all not professional, second of all this person was not 25, because with the picture he puts at the bottom how do you like to have an 18 year old? For me I was extremely disgusted, no matter if the puke was 80, 40, or any age. You don't send a full body shot. So I said " wow, how nice of you, your mother must be proud.. you said you where 25, the little shit texted oh I am please don't be mad, I like older women... " My statement was " my daughters older than you" and YES MY READERS THE LITTLE SHIT WAS BLOCKED.  Some of you may be laughing your asses off like a few of my friends did, or like other moms out there are saying where's his parents. On my website it states NO NUDE PICTURES.  He's not the only tyrant to try sending pictures but the absolute youngest and most embarrassing one for me So back to what I was saying about the Pelvic now people are going to be carded to get in if they are under 25. Honestly I do not think a pelvic massage is necessary for young people unless they are sitting more that 4 hrs a day. If your under age 25 you should go see your doctor because you may have other issues wrong such as Pelvic Inflammatory disease which could or could not be an STD related issue. Go get check. Women esp should get checked for STD's as well. 
I love my career choice and I do like helping those whom need a Massage of any sort or just need to relax or get rid of anxiety or depression. Any one over 25 massage needs are your business as long as your professional, keep comments to yourself, your hands and other parts on the table, and let me do my job. I can't properly do a massage if your trying to touch me or make me uncomfortable. Oh and I am not some young giggly play thing, I am also not a mean bitter old lady unless your out of order.      

Tid bit on Pelvic massage

Posted on March 18, 2015 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (1)
My own little tid bit talk on the pelvic massage and what I have noticed. 

In my own opinion pretty much every one should have this area worked on. This is quite a problematic area for most men. When a man sits for periods of time everything pushes upward in his genital  area. Yes I said Genital area get over it.  This includes any of your sit bones and muscles. These muscles obviously are connected to your Penis oops again yes I said that.. this can make you not as aroused at times, having groin pain, numbness in various areas, urination problems, on and on.. 

I have studied this area for many years , books, and internet only has so much information, but it takes more than that to realize there is much more to this situation than just text book.  For instance not every one has the same pain, experience, and mind set.  In my office I explain the role in which I do not on the website nor on here. 
There is deep breathing and pelvic floor exercises depending on the male.  I have found that most men do not know how to squeeze the Kegel muscles.  Contracting or moving the penis. True statement..when your young you do this as just entertainment but as you age you lose elasticity in the muscle around it (Pelvis) . You can read many articles that teach you how to do this exercise but more than likely you'll squeeze your abdomen or upper thigh area.. I would encourage you to go in to an actual place that does this sort of thing. I offer this massage and no need for embarrassment its just a muscle, every one has one. Plus its not invasive nor deep tissue operated, unless you don't keep your hands to yourself.  I have many clients whom have experienced great relief of several symptoms. Depression, anxiety, headaches, and again list goes on forever. Prostate cancer survivors come in for exercises, I give hope  and work on scar tissue and nerve damage in hopes of getting back to normal. I hope this helps my readers.  Visit my page for more information Thanks for reading.     

a must read for you men..

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 9:26 PM Comments comments (479)
Male Pelvic Floor : 

As you all know, by checking the website, or by personally being on my table that I am extremely concerned with many issue involving the Pelvic floor. I am finding that in many cases with the Prostate area or even enduring the horrific Prostate cancer removal. I have found several symptoms that actually have nothing to do with the prostate area. I have taken notes, possible different approaches, I ask a ton of questions and then I do the research. 

What creates tension in the muscles of the pelvic floor and how does that cause the pain and dysfunction associated with CP/CPPS  Let's first tell you what h those letters even mean.Chronic Prostatitis  Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

When men are having pain such as back aches, headaches, weird sensations below the abdominal area, irritability, urination problems, and so many other symptoms. 
It is because men harbor there mental stressemotional challenges, and past experience in which it becomes a muscle strain, nerve problems and becomes embedded in the pelvic floor muscles in the form of tightness and rigidity. Chronic tightness and rigidity will eventually be felt as pain. For some men the pelvic floor can be a chronic tension zone, an area where their mental stress and emotional anxiety tends to get translated into physical tension. Men with chronic pelvic pain have a tendency to focus tension in the pelvic floor under stress. Sometimes with men feelings of irritability may or may not have any thing to do with sexual behavior or lack of. With out boring the daylights out of you readers or have this huge blog post I encourage you to visit and I don't get slapped with plagiarism.  
I hope this helps some of you readers..


What a pain in the rump

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 6:31 PM Comments comments (3)
Sitting on your rump..

I noticed many of my clients complain of several dysfunctions and honestly most pain is more due to sitting on your rump.

Driving, desk jobs or even the couch potatoes all this sitting is not at all good for many of your muscles. The tightness in your hips, lower back , outer and inner thighs are all being mashed, nerves are being pinched. says sitting for more than 3 hrs a day can cause serious chronic pain. 
I myself notice if I sit gazing off into Face book land playing silly games, or even just reading, everything from my lower back, hips and legs, all the way up to my shoulders are very irritated and  become numb. 
Even if you work out in the morning or when ever and then sit, your muscles still literally become painful. 
I often wonder why in the world Doctors put people on bed rest or  tell their clients to rest more. What? That is actually the worse thing a person should do is nothing. I understand people have knee issues, weight issues, health issues, but honestly these "issues" are from not just walking around. Muscles become like a frozen rubber band if you don't move at least every hour.   I do a ton of people watching and omg.. because of sitting I see slouching, posture problems, walking problems,  I hear complaints from all shapes and sizes about how they hurt. I ask what do they do for work, or daily activities. 
Desk, driving or just a ton of sitting. 
I build my assessments to your needs and what I hear from every client on what they do for activities.  
Things I suggest you do even if you look silly or feel silly..
1.Pace just get up out of your chair and walk back and forth maybe 10 to 15 times no distance needed. 
2. stand up for a few minutes while typing if need be.
3. Pull car over for a  few especially on phone get out and stand or walk around a bit ( no one cares) 
4. Bend and stretch a few. Side to side
5. Women remember The BUNS OF Steal she said even while sitting flex your butt muscles side to side, both at  once.. come on no on can see you.. just flex.. Guys can too..
You can actually do a lot of flexing muscles just sitting even your calves, do toe raises. 
flex all muscles and keep them from being a pain in the ""


Parri Curtis @ Curtisy Massage Therapy

Getting some things out for my readers

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 2:37 PM Comments comments (164)
Medical Pelvic Floor Work other wise known on my website as MPFW.
 Number 1..
I first started this type of massage over I'd say 3 years ago. Before was called Medical Tantra. Which basically does pretty much the same with  a few exceptions the word TANTRA! Depending on which religion, practitioner, reader or many styles of Tantra has resulted in my changing it to MPFW because of this awful TABOO the United states or actually excuse my language IGNORANCE OF KNOWLEDGE OR UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT REALLY IS in society.  When I explain the Medical Tantra I get this weird look of confused because of what they had heard or thought it was and stupid thoughts of "happy endings" Wow really no this is not what it is at all! A so called happy ending is just a jerking motion, and the guy just getting his jollies ( GROSS) that would be  distasteful.  

Number 2
Now if a person of true knowledge or non childish behavior actually read either my website or maybe a true documented Tantra website which explains the healing process they would understand that Tantra does not mean a happy ending, but a sexual ( problem such as Prostate issues, ED, urinary bladder problems etc), mind, body, and even relationship healing process. They would actually be amazed at how awake their senses will become. Amazed at how stress can distress your mental, physical and cause many health issues.
Stress is the #1 killer of people it can cause Sexual difficulty, memory, unexplained chronic pain, migraine headaches, flu like symptoms, dizziness, unexplained infections, lost of concentration, mood spikes, sleeping to often or to little and so many other things.  With any Massage esp Now called Medical Pelvic floor work can help ease these problems.  Take in consideration of needing it at least 1x a month.
 Number 3
Look at it this way cost wise it looks like a lot of money for a complete massage ( Swedish and MPFW) one hr is $125. Now if you don't have medical insurance as most don't or have a co pay.  This is what your actual bills would look like --doctor visit, $100, ( they say its ??)  your pharmacy for the prescription depends on the script let's say a pain pill as dumb as Motrin with a copay usually $20 with out probably $30 or more. Now you just spent $130 for probably nothing that gave you a result. Now if you had to miss work add in your days worth of pay...Gone! Then you have to go back through this stupid process of the doctors, pharmacy, and oh now some x-rays, or what ever.. your out more money for possibly a stress induced problem..oh but wait now your bill is I can see your face and the words already flying.. so lets skip that part

So you tell me is knowledge of Medical Tantra or MPFW  worth your look at differently..

Bet your money that you had wished you had looked into my Massages before getting wrapped up in medical bills and nonsense.


looking deeper into Eastern medicine

Posted on June 10, 2012 at 7:17 PM Comments comments (146)
I have been getting emails concerning different styles of Eastern Medicine.
For our minds to understand something, that "something" must have certain aspects of structure and logic. To some extent, the metaphysical world has modest aspects of both. Many years ago someone came up with a blueprint of our microcosm and called it – “The Tree Of Life.” Even though we have the blueprint the term “metaphysical” is still not easily understood but we do have a basic grasp of its meaning and are able to have discussions about it. I believe that each individual must experiment with the metaphysical world through meditation to truly understand it in terms that they can comprehend.
It is hard to grasp the concept of our bodies can actually heal its self. I myself have trouble with this idea or logic. I seem to have pain at random times  and can't seem to knock it out myself. If this was really possible then everyone would stop taking pain medicatons, or Antidepressants. No I'm not saying its not possible but for me not by my self. I use Reiki in different aspects of massages, some times I just have the client take a deap breath and I say to imagine a color as the exhale. Some people this works really well. Others just have this clueless look on their face. Either way if your the client on the table and some one is using this "magical power" it does help!

Massage for bedroom thought

Posted on January 5, 2012 at 3:57 PM Comments comments (9337)
Massage for thought!

Wife is going through menopause and husband is having ED! This is a cause for disaster in the bedroom and house hold. Since I have been doing massages I have had both types of people in. I found that for some reasoning we have been taught women loose lack of interest while menopause in my opinion this is not true at all I have have several women and including a relative whom is in the massage business tell me different. The husbands seem to not want to perform or can't as well as they use to. Which from my gatherings it is because of the ED, so here it is in my blog!
Men whom are in the category please please do your wife a favor ( wives whom are reading should go on my website your hubby will be fine) The Medical Tantra is great for the "problem" no bad side affects and your romance will be much better.

Wife: If your going through menopause or even stress anxiety and just don't feel you want to roll around in the sheets! Massages with medical tantra will get your spirits up. 

Here it is for the thought of the day..