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Curtisy Massage Therapy

1345 Monroe Ave Grand Rapids  MI ‚Äč49505

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looking deeper into Eastern medicine

Posted on June 10, 2012 at 7:17 PM Comments comments (146)
I have been getting emails concerning different styles of Eastern Medicine.
For our minds to understand something, that "something" must have certain aspects of structure and logic. To some extent, the metaphysical world has modest aspects of both. Many years ago someone came up with a blueprint of our microcosm and called it – “The Tree Of Life.” Even though we have the blueprint the term “metaphysical” is still not easily understood but we do have a basic grasp of its meaning and are able to have discussions about it. I believe that each individual must experiment with the metaphysical world through meditation to truly understand it in terms that they can comprehend.
It is hard to grasp the concept of our bodies can actually heal its self. I myself have trouble with this idea or logic. I seem to have pain at random times  and can't seem to knock it out myself. If this was really possible then everyone would stop taking pain medicatons, or Antidepressants. No I'm not saying its not possible but for me not by my self. I use Reiki in different aspects of massages, some times I just have the client take a deap breath and I say to imagine a color as the exhale. Some people this works really well. Others just have this clueless look on their face. Either way if your the client on the table and some one is using this "magical power" it does help!