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a must read for you men..

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 9:26 PM Comments comments (460)
Male Pelvic Floor : 

As you all know, by checking the website, or by personally being on my table that I am extremely concerned with many issue involving the Pelvic floor. I am finding that in many cases with the Prostate area or even enduring the horrific Prostate cancer removal. I have found several symptoms that actually have nothing to do with the prostate area. I have taken notes, possible different approaches, I ask a ton of questions and then I do the research. 

What creates tension in the muscles of the pelvic floor and how does that cause the pain and dysfunction associated with CP/CPPS  Let's first tell you what h those letters even mean.Chronic Prostatitis  Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

When men are having pain such as back aches, headaches, weird sensations below the abdominal area, irritability, urination problems, and so many other symptoms. 
It is because men harbor there mental stressemotional challenges, and past experience in which it becomes a muscle strain, nerve problems and becomes embedded in the pelvic floor muscles in the form of tightness and rigidity. Chronic tightness and rigidity will eventually be felt as pain. For some men the pelvic floor can be a chronic tension zone, an area where their mental stress and emotional anxiety tends to get translated into physical tension. Men with chronic pelvic pain have a tendency to focus tension in the pelvic floor under stress. Sometimes with men feelings of irritability may or may not have any thing to do with sexual behavior or lack of. With out boring the daylights out of you readers or have this huge blog post I encourage you to visit and I don't get slapped with plagiarism.  
I hope this helps some of you readers..


What a pain in the rump

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 6:31 PM Comments comments (3)
Sitting on your rump..

I noticed many of my clients complain of several dysfunctions and honestly most pain is more due to sitting on your rump.

Driving, desk jobs or even the couch potatoes all this sitting is not at all good for many of your muscles. The tightness in your hips, lower back , outer and inner thighs are all being mashed, nerves are being pinched. says sitting for more than 3 hrs a day can cause serious chronic pain. 
I myself notice if I sit gazing off into Face book land playing silly games, or even just reading, everything from my lower back, hips and legs, all the way up to my shoulders are very irritated and  become numb. 
Even if you work out in the morning or when ever and then sit, your muscles still literally become painful. 
I often wonder why in the world Doctors put people on bed rest or  tell their clients to rest more. What? That is actually the worse thing a person should do is nothing. I understand people have knee issues, weight issues, health issues, but honestly these "issues" are from not just walking around. Muscles become like a frozen rubber band if you don't move at least every hour.   I do a ton of people watching and omg.. because of sitting I see slouching, posture problems, walking problems,  I hear complaints from all shapes and sizes about how they hurt. I ask what do they do for work, or daily activities. 
Desk, driving or just a ton of sitting. 
I build my assessments to your needs and what I hear from every client on what they do for activities.  
Things I suggest you do even if you look silly or feel silly..
1.Pace just get up out of your chair and walk back and forth maybe 10 to 15 times no distance needed. 
2. stand up for a few minutes while typing if need be.
3. Pull car over for a  few especially on phone get out and stand or walk around a bit ( no one cares) 
4. Bend and stretch a few. Side to side
5. Women remember The BUNS OF Steal she said even while sitting flex your butt muscles side to side, both at  once.. come on no on can see you.. just flex.. Guys can too..
You can actually do a lot of flexing muscles just sitting even your calves, do toe raises. 
flex all muscles and keep them from being a pain in the ""


Parri Curtis @ Curtisy Massage Therapy