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Curtisy Massage Therapy

1345 Monroe Ave Grand Rapids  MI ​49505

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Off on a banter. oops

Posted on July 31, 2017 at 1:35 PM
I have been a massage therapist for almost 14 years. I have encountered so many different people not only in my office but even out in public or some call on the phone and ask ridiculous questions.

Remember in School, College or even while talking to professionals in person? The always say just ask a question there are no dumb questions or some say the only dumb one is the one you don't ask? Well gosh! In my professional life, and some times personal I have had to answer some ridiculous questions. For instance just the other day this guy ( older ) called me not just once but a total of 5 x before I blocked him. I answered the first time saying "hello this is Curtisy Massage Therapy how can I help you? Caller says, Do you do Massages? ( I answered with my business name correct?) So I politely said "yes I do" Then this person asks " do you have any oriental girls?" I kinda gasped in a laughing manor. I responded saying " no " he hangs up! Then again 2 hrs later same guy, same number , same exact questions, and my statement this time was " sir you already called me" he hangs up! 2 hrs again same scenario, 4th time 2 hrs later, I answered by saying no sir I do not have orientals please stop calling, he hangs up, 5th time I just answered saying stop calling this number! My thought was " why does he keep calling and asking the same thing?" I believe that this person has Alzheimer's, or some thing of the sort. I don't like passing judgement, so I do kind of excuse the age of the male and I do slightly excuse the gender because unfortunately  some are uneducated on my role of professionalism being a massage therapist, some think they can get away with degrading women in several fields, by degrading I mean making sexual advances or saying stupid shit such as " do you do happy endings" my response is " I am always happy when the session ends, or I end up leaving the idiots hanging. I do a pelvic massage in which is extremely professional. I expect to be treated as a professional. If you want a "happy ending" go to the oriental places, or I am sure you can find a "hooker' in need of money. Speaking of MONEY, I have had men say I am expensive because of the pelvic.. well sir if you want just some female affection in your "" area then I suggest ask your wife or girlfriend, boyfriend, if that's your gig.  I am not here to give you affection or that lovey dovey stuff. I am however a very nice person and will give the best massage of your life. I do care about my clients, esp my regulars, I do understand many many issues regarding health stuff, or just the curiosity. I would rather work on a person whom is just curios and honest about it, rather than dreaming up some type of issue. Even tho everyone has some sort of anxiety, depression, soreness, lost hope, home issues, work problems, and this list can go on forever. My main goal is to help those whom are struggling and are trying to resolve health issues. The pelvic massage along with any other massage is the absolute best possible way of healing. You do not have to do the pelvic, but if so it does have to go with another one.. never alone because every body is different, no one reacts the same, some may have it resolved in a few minutes some take a bit longer. Some come in once a month others once a week, I have had people in 2x a week. Bottom line is YOU MUST BE RESPECTABLE, CLEAN, AND READ THE WEBSITE.  

Seems I have went off on a banter, but hey whatever. 

Categories: male pelvic

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